Equality Act Erases Women Engage with Eagle Forum

As Congress is poised to pass the Equality Act, we engage in discussion on the consequences of elevating language regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. The Heritage Foundation's Emilie Kao joins us to explain SOGI law and how it ultimately erases women. 1:20​ What is sexual orientation and gender identity? 2:48​ Effect on SOGI legislation on women. 7:16​ Does the Constitution protect everyone? 9:00​ Is SOGI compatible with religious freedom? 11:00​ SOGI policies in schools. 14:26​ How to protect our children from SOGI ideology. 18:40​ Engage on Promise to America's Children. Engage with Eagle Forum FB: https://www.facebook.com/engagewithea…​  Music Credit: Scott Holmes- Inspirational Outlook 
  1. Equality Act Erases Women
  2. Censoring Conservatives Part 2
  3. Censoring Conservatives Part 1
  4. Biden's First 100 Days is 100% Dangerous
  5. Season 1 Finale
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