• Before race tensions came to a head this year, the New York Times launched the 1619 Project. This project aims to revise history and push Marxist ideologies. Dr. Carol Swain joined […]
  • In this episode hosts Glyn McKay and Kirsten Hasler interview Erin Brewer, a woman who suffered from gender dysphoria. She now advocates the harms of transgenderism and its influence on […]
  • Hosts Glyn McKay and Tabitha Walter talk with Dr. O.J. Oleka on race relations in America.  As a son of Nigerian immigrants and now president of the Association of Independent […]
  • While the pandemic lingers, election officials are trying to create a safe environment for voters. However, massive mail-in voting leaves the door wide open to fraud. Hosts Glyn McKay and […]
  • In this week’s episode of Engage with Eagle Forum, Independent Women’s Forum’s Senior Policy Analyst Inez Stepman joins Kirsten Hasler and Tabitha Walter to discuss federal intervention into education and […]
  • In this week’s episode of Engage with Eagle Forum, hosts Kirsten Hasler and Tabitha Walter join community organizer and faith leader Matthew Gillette in discussing how to engage in conversations […]
  • In part 2 of our discussion on education and the Coronavirus, hosts Glyn McKay and Tabitha Walter talk with James Rice, a staffer for U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. Rice provides […]
  • Join Engage hosts Tabitha Walter & Glyn McKay in part-one of a two-part series tackling the decision many parents are facing in having to decide between sending their children back […]
  • Join Engage host Tabitha Walter as she discusses five Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM) or Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods with Emily Frase, Mary Bruno, and Cami Berthiaume. They share how […]
  • Get to know the hosts! In this episode, Glyn, Tabitha, & Kirsten talk careers, enneagrams, motherhood, and spill a few valuable life lessons they’ve learned along the way. 
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