Biden's Bridges to Nowhere Engage with Eagle Forum

Biden recently rolled out his infrastructure plan that hardly has anything to do with infrastructure. Instead, it pushes a far-left agenda that pushes the Green New Deal, encroaches on education, and makes job-creators pay for it. FreedomWorks's Sarah Anderson joins Engage this week to explain the impending harmful effects of the American Jobs Plan. 1:25​ What is "infrastructure"? 2:22​ Overview of Biden's infrastructure plan 6:08​ Education in infrastructure 14:15​ The effect of harmful climate change policies on labor 17:54​ Is there "good" infrastructure policy? 20:00​ Who is paying for this bill? FreedomWorks: https://www.freedomworks.org/​   Music Credit: Inspirational Outlook- Scott Holmes 
  1. Biden's Bridges to Nowhere
  2. Biden's Border Crisis Solved
  3. Fiscal Conservative Fighter: Rep. Nancy Mace
  4. Defender of Our Constitution: Rep. Lauren Boebert
  5. Champion for Women: Rep. Debbie Lesko
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