About Us

Welcome to Engage with Eagle Forum, a podcast to encourage the modern-day woman and her vital role in shaping society. Eagle Forum is a conservative organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly and a dedicated group of volunteers in 1972. Phyllis was a dynamic leader who inspired countless Americans to speak up and speak out. 

For nearly fifty years, Eagle Forum’s network has led the charge to mobilize people to defend America’s founding principles. We’ve been at the forefront of the national fight on numerous issues including life, marriage, education, immigration, and the economy by informing and mobilizing the grassroots. 

We know some listeners are looking for the truth or simply want to be informed. Others might feel isolated or confused about their positions on policy or politics.  The world is busier than ever. With all the noise on social media, in our homes, and workplace, it is hard to weed through it all. We hope this podcast is a reflection of Eagle Forum — a place where everyday people can go to find community, information, and understanding. And most importantly, to be activated to effect change. 

This is a place for conversation. You will hear from a variety of voices and about a variety of issues. We want to engage with you. Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram, and visit Eagle Forum for more information on our issues and involvement.

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